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Torque & Assembly Tools
"Increase production", "Reduce rework and warranty cost", "Error proof this process", these are common requests for today's assembly engineers and the areas where we excel. By working together, we learn your processes and challenges and bring solutions to meet them. Programmable tools, operator guidance systems, innovative fixturing and material handling, and proven processes are used to deliver efficient and safe assembly improvements for your team.                                                                                                  
Gaging & Measurement Solutions
Customer requirements and productivity demands are ever increasing. This often means tighter tolerances and increased gaging and measurement of your processes and products. The Tool & Gage House offers cost effective solutions from micrometers and calipers to custom gages to a wide array of equipment for your quality lab and material testing needs. We specialize in custom gaging and measurement solutions from hand held to high volume automated gaging. And we provide necessary support for installation, training, and annual calibration.
Work Station Efficiency
The Tool & Gage House supports many Lean, Kaizen and 5S initiatives every year! We often facilitate ergonomic and safety improvements as well. We provide solutions including: material handling and storage to minimize bending, efficient & ergonomic work stations, shadow boards for tool & equipment, safe lifting devices, floor marking and signage, robust tooling & gaging, automated data collection, removing trip hazards such as cords and hoses. Task us to be a part of your next safety improvement or lean initiative.                                                                                                                                                                                 
Onsite Technical Support
It is a fact… we are getting older. In manufacturing we are currently losing years of assembly-tool and gaging experience to retirement and it is difficult to hire and replace. The Tool & Gage House created "Integrated Quality Services" to provide technical services at your plant. For over 10-years we have provided internal technical services including: calibrations, capability studies, quality system documentation, specialty gage & tool repairs, operating training and manufacturing support for precision assembly tools and gages. We look forward presenting a custom technical support solution for your facility and discussing how we can reduce total cost and support quality and efficiency improvement goals.